So Natural Green Juices: Review

fresh ready made juices So Natural

The So Natural Green Juices Company produce fresh, uncooked, unheated juice made from vegetables added to a base of apples.

They sent me:

  • Beetroot, apple, ginger and carrot
  • Cucumber, celery, apple, lemon and spinach
  • Carrot and Apple

Each one comes in a 250 ml bottle and the juice unopened has a life of a couple of months. Once the cap is off you’ve got 24 hours.

There, that’s the business end attended too. Now I can tell you what I think about this product range.

W O W!!

At last a juice on the market that matches the quality and taste of homemade. I tried each one in turn and for the life of me I thought they tasted like almost like my own fresh juice. They use more apple juice than me but mine aren’t always drinkable for those uninitiated to green juice!

Nutritionally however, I am VERY excited about these juices. Here’s why;

The upside?

Nutritious, contains genuinely fresh ingredients, fresh vegetables, all varieties tastes delicious, sensible quantity, no chemicals added, not heated, low allergen potential, dairy free, wheat free, yuk free.

The down:

Limited availability – for now!

Commonly, commercially produced juice is heated as part of the preservation process. This can destroy many of the naturally occurring plant (phyto) nutrients. Vitamins can also degrade over time and through processing, potentially leaving a juice nutritionally ‘empty’. This is why they need to be put back in via additives. (Note to self; Blog post required)
so natural juice range
With the So Natural Juice, the nutrients are captured during a new extraction process and maintained – until you open the bottles and expose it to the air. This is why you need to drink it asap once that little black cap is off.

Yes, they could change the ratios of apple to veggie juice but for most people reared on processed gloop they might find that too hard core. I believe these juices are pitched just right flavour-wise to satisfy most people’s palate. That’s great if it means they will be encouraged to drink more juices like this. Maybe even try making their own?

When I am out and about and need something quick; I am often found looking woeful in front the cold cabinet by the door of the supermarket. Hoping that there will something I will want to eat or drink that wont leave me regretting it later.

If the supermarkets stock So Natural Juices they will be doing the equivalent of a service to the nation.

Not only will they be doing me a favour (and my waistline, they are low in calories too) but they will be helping people find out what real juice from fresh vegetables and fruit tastes like.

Without the hassel of making your own or the mess that goes with that!

Disclosure of Material Connection:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in order that I would review it on my blog.

Regardless, I only review products and services I use personally and/or believe will be of benefit to my readers. Plus this does NOT guarantee the outcome of the review being in the producers favour. I endeavour to serve my readers best interests with my frank opinion.

I am disclosing this in order that you understand the connection I have with this company. Also please see my main disclaimer.

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