Is Resistance threatening your life?

resistance is it threatening your life

I’ve been reading a lot recently around ‘Resistance’. The context is within the field of creativity: writing, painting, composing – that kind of thing. However I realised that it is also present when it comes to living. By ‘living’ I mean being fulfilled and purposeful most of the time. This led to an important question “is resistance threatening your life”?

My inspiration to write about this comes from Stephen Pressfield of whom I have become a groupie. I love his work and his humility. His take on Resistance is that it is a force in it’s own right that stops the artist dead in their tracks. Leading to unfulfilled dreams and un-started works of their particular art .

This affects us all because it makes the world a poorer place without the inspiration we obtain from the creativity of others.

Stephen believes that you experience more powerful Resistance when you are either nearer to some form of achievement or you have a particularly inspired vision you want to manifest.

But how do you know you are a victim of Resistance?

If you find that most of your time is filled with the perfunctory day to day stuff and not what you expected of yourself or your life, you can safely say you are close friends with Resistance.

This was certainly true for me and over an extended period of time. In the past whilst I accepted how much I helped people, I also had a deep resistance to claim that success, step into the limelight and shout about it.

A naturally shy and slightly introverted soul, being centre stage doesn’t come naturally for me. Being out there and actively changing lives, is hugely rewarding but also scary. So I kept myself and my business ‘small’.

Maybe this is the role of Resistance? To keep our light dim and therefore our fragile ego safe?

There is no doubt that Resistance kept me ‘safe’ for years by talking me down from the window ledge. However when I did jump I found I could fly rather than fall.

Realising this has been a powerful lesson for me. I am the only person in the world who can coach the way I do. No one can better my approach which is unique and very powerful.

How can I be so sure?

Because there is only one ‘me’. There is no competition. All I need to do is be authentic and show up. Resistance to do this had stopped me from being the artist of my own life.

The only way to live is by overcoming Resistance; the internal kind that wags its finger and shakes it head every time you feel inspired to take action or create. Using well worn phrases of self castigation, Resistance will point out why you shouldn’t do whatever it is you want to do.

If you and I don’t triumph over this internal and eternal battle, then Resistance will have won and will stop us from living the life we could and, indeed, should.

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