How to eat papaya

how to eat papaya

These lovely pear shaped fruits papaya are available in most supermarkets but how do you eat papaya and why should you?

My photo is of a papaya cut open down the middle revealing a load of little black shiny black seeds. A ripe fruit needs to be soft-ish to the touch, definitely not hard. When ready to eat it will be an orange-y colour on the outside and yield under pressure. Inside the startling deep orange flesh will be juicy, sweet and as soft as a just ripe banana.

The fruits, which come from Central America, are very easy to eat. Slice in half remove and discard the seeds (which are edible but an acquired taste!) and peel. That’s it. From there you can chop into a fruit salad, eat on it’s own, mix with leaves and peppers or use in a number of other savoury or sweet dishes. Try this!

Papaya is a high in natural sugar however in balance it has lots of rich nutritional benefits too. It is a high antioxidant fruit with whooping amounts of vitamin C and respectable quantities of vitamin A. Very good levels of folate, potassium and dietary fibre with makes this a heart friendly and very importantly, an anti aging fruit choice.

Best of all, it is delicious!
how to eat papaya

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