How to eat Avocado

How to eat avocado

Avocados are incredibly versatile but do you know how to eat them?. They are full of healthy oils, loaded with vitamin E, fibre and the texture is ……creamy. All this makes them a great anti aging food. They can be used in a number of great ways and don’t need cooking. Here are some of ideas:

Mayonnaise type dressing; great for this! Peel and blend (it will be a lovely green colour) and healthy substitute for the white stuff. Add crushed garlic, a little good salt, olive oil and water (yes water!). Various herbs work well: basil, coriander or parsley. Chilli sauce with give a the dressing a guacamole kick.

Snack; peel off the top a bit like a boiled egg and then use a spoon to scope out the flesh and eventually the stone. A little messier than some quick snacks but a whole lot healthier! Or halve, remove the stone and drizzle a little cider or balsamic vinegar in the hollow.

Salads; endless options to mix with all the salad veg or use as a dressing as above

Fish and seafood; avocados work very well with fish and seafood especially that old fashioned marriage with prawns. Avoid the pink gooey stuff and choose some good vinegar, a sprinkle of black pepper and a squeeze of organic lemon. Also wonderful with smoked salmon.

Skin food; apart from being very good for the skin when you eat it, you can also use soft ripe avocado on your face as a mask. This does gets mixed reviews but it works for me!

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