Hodmedods dried pulses review

hodmedods legumes review

The thought of having to write a review of Hodmedods dried pulses left me a little down hearted. Whilst Hodmedod’s have recently added the easier to use options to their range: tinned and ready to eat versions which includes dhal made from fava beans, hodmedods ready made rangethey kindly sent a selection of their range of dried goods, so I felt obliged to give them a go.

I am very respectful of the nutritional pedigree of these foods but, I tend to lose the will to live if I have to pre soak overnight and boil for hours before I get to use them. Which is why I normally buy cans of organic varieties for expediency.

They sent me a selection: whole dried black badgers (that’s what it says!), split dried fava (broad) beans, whole dried fava beans and whole dried kabuki peas. Each beautifully designed 500g box  is probably the most appealing and artistic packaging I think I have ever seen.

The recipe booklet inside each packet explains what I can do with all types of dried bean or pea in the range. There are now two volumes available; it’s pot luck as to which one you get (I think?); it doesn’t matter – both are great. Despite my cooking experience, I feel I am a bit of novice when it comes to legumes (I’m using this as a collective term!), so to have a recipe book included in each pack I think is truly helpful as it gave me ideas of how else I could use them.

Due to the time thing, I decided to use the split-dried fava beans first. These do not require pre soaking just cooking for around 30 minutes; which I don’t mind. The recipe book suggested using them in a ‘New World chilli’.

I adapted their recipe* but based on similar ingredients. The dish was delicious and so were the split fava beans.aubergines with split fava beans

Hodmedods – my conclusions

I think Hodmedods are onto a winner.

They have hauled beans and peas out of the ‘only for veggies and hippy’ camp into the 21st century via the very artistic packaging, great recipe ideas and informative website. Visual appeal is the first step to encourage anyone to buy anything no matter what the product is; even legumes.

The inclusion of the recipe booklet also make it so much easier for all the legume virgins out there.

Of their dried range, I predict the split dried fava beans will be their most successful due to the lack of cooking time required. Otherwise the ready made versions will probably become a bigger hit.

Hodmedod’s I believe could make legumes contemporary maybe even trendy. Pulling this under rated food group up by it strappy sandals and pushing it out into the arena of being an inexpensive, safe, reliable, nutritious and potentially exciting ingredient. Arguably much better for the planet too than the intensive farming of the sentient protein source alternatives.

In this time of wondering whether you are eating what you think you’ve bought, this form of vegetable protein could be an answer. You won’t find anything else masquerading as beans and peas in the pack other than more beans and peas.

I wish them luck; I think they deserve it. And I for one will be trying the Black Badgers next…………

*I will write this recipe when I remember how I did it – apologises!

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