Gluten and Grain Free Energy Muesli

WFPB breakfast gluten grain free

Muesli has come on a pace from the sugar laden cardboard varieties of a few years ago. However we are now finding many people have a problem digesting this grain heavy dried fruit cereal commonly regarded as healthy.

Mine is gluten and grain free and with a base of seeds and fresh fruit. It has no added sugar and yet still not only palatable and digestible for everyone, it is also delicious.

This muesli does not compromise on fibre; usually regarded as the primary benefit in the ready made varieties. The seeds and fruit provide this.

The seeds also contain protein and essential fatty acids. There are other benefits too regarding flax seeds and hormonal balance. To gain access to greater nutritional value from the seeds, you can pop them in a grinder before serving as they can go through the system whole.

This mix has a good balance of protein to carbs which good for blood sugar balance and consistent energy; therefore a great choice for breakfast. Along with fibre the fruit offers phyto(plant)nutrients, plus they add that all important sweetness to the mix.

Almond milk is stuffed full of minerals and protein. The fibre has been removed; however this is not a problem as everything else makes a contribution in this department. All in all a great breakfast!

Prep time: 5 minutes (not including making the milk)
Cook time: Absolutely none.

Serves 1(Seeds and nuts go a long way……….)

  • 40 gms Mixed seeds; seed ratios – Pumpkin 40% Sunflower 40% Golden linseed (flax)14% Sesame 6%
  • 20 gms Walnut halves
  • Handful or two of Berries, one type or an assortment; we used blackcurrants
  • ½ Apple chopped, washed not peeled
  • Almond milk (or milk of your choice)


  1. Mix the nuts and seeds together in a breakfast bowl.
  2. Stir in the fruit and pour on the almond milk.

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