Exercise: the secret to youthfulness?

Have you noticed when walking behind someone, you can often tell if they are old by how they move? And equally, when you see a child in the street, how mobile they are?

Being aware of theses differences is key to acknowledging what age can do to your body. This awareness is also an important part of the solution to minimising the effects of passing years.

A study by McMaster University Medical Centre in Hamilton, Canada showed that resistance training (any form of exercise using weights) not only builds muscle but also reduces arthritis a condition commonly but not exclusively associated with aging,

The words used in the report were “it now appears that exercise – specifically, resistance training – actually rejuvenates muscle tissue in healthy senior citizens”. Muscle wastage (sarcopenia), often seen in older people can not only rob you of youthful bounce it is also implicated in osteoporosis. Plus muscle mass is essential for the reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. These two challenging conditions seen more commonly in the elderly often lead to other damaging complications. So ‘rejuvenates’ is a big and important claim in relation to healthy aging.

There are significant mental health rewards from exercising too. Feel-good hormones and brain chemicals are released when you get your heart pumping, thereby optimising blood flow to the head. This helps to keep you alert, switched on and is understood to have a protective effect on the aging brain. The Centre for Brain Health found this was particularly important as “staying mentally sharp” was  the top priority for adults of 50 years old and older.

Your body has the potential to be ‘poetry in motion’; if it doesn’t feel it from the inside, then its a sand whilst this might sound morbid, it is also true.Ensuring you get there unaided for as long as possible should be a priority.

Exercise is an absolutely vital part of any anti aging strategy. In fact, it might even the secret to youthfulness.

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