Coco Café Mocha review; is it a health drink

review of coco cafe drink

I already seemed to have tsunami of coconut water coming at me, then more was headed my way when I was asked to do a Coco Cafe Mocha review. There’s no doubt, I had never tasted anything like this before plus I was curious and wanted to know; is it a health drink?

Vita Coco sent me two flavours of their new offerings: Coco Café Mocha Coconut Water Café Latte and Original Blend Coconut Water Café Latte.

I’m going to be honest, despite being interested in trying them I didn’t fancy the sound of these at all. I love plain coconut water (especially the Vita Coco brand) and think of it as a great all round health drink so adding anything is, in my book completely unnecessary.

Quite bizarrely shortly after the box containing the drinks arrived, my youngest who lives in funky Brighton was raving about a fab new drink he had tried and, yes you guessed it, it was the very same Coco Café Latte Mocha. So I was further encouraged to give it a try.

I took the cartons with me on a course at the Brighton Metropol with Meta-NLP. Four fascinating and long days of a NLP Master refresher meant I would need a caffeine prop at some point. It was a great opportunity to give them a coco cafe drink

Flavour-wise the drinks were interesting – in a good way. I loved the whole coffee and coconut combo. It actually worked and I must admit I was surprised. As I had been carrying them around they weren’t as cold as they should have been but they were still refreshing.

In NLP we talk about a feedback sandwich…………….

Some of ingredients I was not so impressed with. As a health writer I would hesitate to completely validate any product containing carrageenan but to be fair the jury is still out.

Whilst sodium phosphate is regarded as a safe food additive, it is still just that, an additive. The drinks contain evaporated cane sugar which is less refined that other varieties – making it a better alternative to other sugars. Overall my feeling is to generally avoid anything with added sugar, unrefined or otherwise.

However for those on calorie watch these drinks weren’t too bad at around 130 cals per 330 ml carton. The caffeine will tend to reduce your appetite so arguably (and being generous) this drink might be a stand in for a meal. Talking of which you get around 130 mg so just under a double shot of espresso equivalent. There are also thumping great amounts of potassium, which is why coconut water is regarded as a natural isotonic. Plus the drink has good quantities of calcium probably from the reduced fat milk.

On balance?

Although I feel these drinks are not (in my opinion) suitable for children or pregnant women (who are advised to keep their regular caffeine consumption down) I can see the appeal. I’m not absolutely sure which market they are going for? As a health writer, I don’t think it’s me.

However Coco Café drinks do very taste good. Being in cartoons make them very convenient too. For an occasional ‘lift’ with (arguably) more health benefits than coffee and definitely more that the carbonated sugar laden caffeinated cans, they aren’t a bad option.

For me? Vita Coco I LOVE your coconut water, just plain, gorgeous tasting, deeply hydrating and refreshing coconut water. So I’ll stick to that but thanks for the chance to give them a try :0)

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